Should i be mad at myself?

me and my best frend were supposed to do this big project over the westing game book and the night before the day it was due, i couldnt work on it because i had to do this dumb thing for girl scouts( yes, girl scouts) that i couldnt get out of and our troop already paid 50$ per ticket to go see this thing and our project wasn't done and it was too late to get out of going. the next morning when she came to school, i saw she had the project and all the question cards and the game pieces but she had these huge bags under her eyes and i realized that she was up all night doing MY part of the work! i sent her this heart-warming email saying that i would tell our teacher that i didnt want credit, but i already have a low grade in that class, so if i got an f on it, i wouldnt pass so i sorta lied, but i just realized that! what should i tell her?


i know that it was wrong, but i couldnt help it!!

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    tell her the truth. and if she as all like snobby just try again to tell her the truth. and if she does not want to listen then just forget about it. but you should thank her allot this week.

    good luck

    PS Your A girl scout??

    I'm A boy scout. scout Honor I'm telling te truth

    if you ever need adive you can always e-mail me @

  • You made your apologie and it's up to her to accept. If she doesn't accept there isn't anything else you can do. Your failing grade is your own fault and she can't save you either.

    When working on a group project, one must be prepared for the worse case to happen when someone doesn't do their part.

    Just continue to praise her for coming through the way she did.

    But what is done is now done, so you will have to move on.

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    Firstly, i think you should never get mad of anything, but you should always think. In this case, you should realize that you are wrong, and if not doing the project give you an F, be an adult and take the responsibility of your action. Learn from your mistake, and plan ahead


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