Serpating solids from liquids.?

okay you have six unknown substances. One being a salt, irregualr solid, organic solid and a metal. Along with one or two liquids. How would you seperate all of this items? not knowing what the substances are ? the objective is to find the name of the givien items. Keep in mind they are all together in on container. ID distillng how do you know when to stop? when dissolving salt what does it mean when it floats or sinks? mainly how would i seperate all these items? thanks :]

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    first, you should separate the components that aren't part of an homogeneous mixture. you can first elutriate, filter or sift the mix.

    Distilling would be the next step, and that would allow you to separate the different liquids mixed together; if you know that at least one of them is water, first I would keep the temperature of the mixture bellow 98ºC to allow the liquid with the lower boiling temp. to evaporate first (if it's boiling temp is lower than water). If nothing happens, I would keep the temperature at 100ºC so that only water would evaporate, leaving the other liquid, whatever it is, behind.

    Continue distilling to separate the solids that have been dissolved into the liquids.

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    Are you doing a Chemistry project?

    Use what you learn, so far.

    1) Separation by filtration - for solids

    2) Separation by distillation (note the boiling point and compare to the handbook). - for liquids

    3) Use your knowledge about solubility. Inorganic salt will dissolve in water forming an aqueous solution. Organic solid will dissolve in organic solvents.

    You need some kind of knowledge from the geology students to identify the substances based on their physical appearance. If you are talking about physically separating the solids, use the smallest tong after you have filtered the liquid.

    If you have studied qualitative chemistry, you can narrow down the substances by using the systematic identification of inorganic compounds by judging the color of the precipitates. Organic liquids exhibit certain properties when burned.

    If you need a schematic diagram e-mail me.

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