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whats the difference between mitosis and meiosis?

is one for reporducing and the other for reporducing other cells... specific cells? and which one comes first? or are they just completly different from each other?

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    Mitosis is the process by which asexual organisms reproduce. It is also how the cells in your body reproduce to replace old cells and so that you can grow.

    In the cells in your body there are two sets of chromosomes in them. During mitosis the chromosomes in the cell double so that there are four sets in them. After the chromosome replication the cell splits roughly in half with two sets of chromosomes going to each new cell. This creates two daughter cells with identical chromosomes as both each other and the original cell. These cells are then ready to grow until it is time for them to divide again.

    Meiosis is slightly different. It is used to create sex cells for organisms that divide by sexual reproduction. Meiosis begins in much the same way as mitosis with the chromosomes dividing and the cell dividing. After the cell divides the differences occur. After the first cell division the two daughter cells divide a second time without the replication of the chromosomes so in the end there are four cells, each with only a single set of chromosomes. It is when a male sex cell and a female sex cell combine that the two sets of chromosomes are restored and a new organism is created.

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    Mitosis is asexual reproduction cells, resulting in two identical daughter cells which are clones of the parent cell. Meiosis is a part of sexual reproduction, resulting in four haploid daughter cells. They are seperate of each other in humans.

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    I just learned about this but all i know is meiosis produces sex cells. mitosis produces other types of cells like skin cells i believe.

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