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Billed weight...?

What does billed weight mean? I was checking out Dwayne Johnson's (the Rock) stats...and his billed weight was 25 lbs higher. What does it mean?

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    for weight classes possibly? i dunno. maybe average weight of a superstar...hmmmmmmmmmm

  • That is how much they are said to weigh when they debut. Just liked they are "Billed" from where they were born. Like for example they say cryme tyme is form Brooklyn but JTG is from California. Billed weight must mean how much they weigh when they start in the wwe

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    That is the weight they were first at. Since their weight can vary from day to day, they don't keep changing the weight. It's not like boxing or MMA where they have to make a weigh-in.

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    Means what they say his weight is. They probably do this to make the wrestlers seem more powerful

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