Isn't it disgusting that right wingers have to be so low as to accuse dems of collaborating with our enemy?

They say that because the president of Iran allegedly said he was glad the dems won the congress back, that it shows that democrats are in favor of terrorists. Give me a break.

First of all, since when does it matter what our enemies say? Screw them. Since when should we be basing anything on the ravings of some extremist? We should be making our choices based on which party has an effective plan to win, not on what some freak in the middle east opines. But I guess that's too complex a concept for you cry-baby conservatives.

The president of Iran wouldn't even BE the president if it wasn't for Bush's axis of evil speech. So if anything, he's wrong to be happy about the dem's victory, because a moderate approach to Iran will only REDUCE his power in his own country.


All these questions are useless, I believe. I think the only question really is how we can come together as a nation and fix the problems that need fixing. So let's commit ourself to that and leave the partisanship aside. We have the knowhow to create a true heaven on earth, we should employ it to that task.

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    Never said they collaborated, just that they want to get out of Iraq and our enemies are all for that. They hate what Bush stands for therefore they want libs in office. Oh and I also cared about your question until you called me a cry-baby.

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    Democrats have undermined the war on terror for years. Kennedy is a traitor. Murtha is a traitor. These clowns would have been arrested and executed during WW2.

    It is Democrats who have advocated for terrorists to get Geneva Convention rights, even though they do not qualify because they do not fight under a country or in a uniform.

    It is liberals in the media who publish leaked classified information and programs.

    It is liberals who are advocating the UN rule over the US, even though it violates our sovereignty.

    It is the great Bill Clinton who gave nuclear material to North Korea.

    It is the great Jimmy Carter who had no spine in dealing with the Iran hostage situation. This is the first example of the US backing down from muslims. This only emboldened the enemies. It got worse under Clinton because he refused to deal with the terrorism problem. See Black Hawk Down and how Clinton cut and ran when a few soldiers were killed. The terrorists learned that we are not willing to kill them.

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    it particularly is a frustrating question to respond to. The Bible names many enemies. some are actual, some religious. So right this is my take on the priority: a million. no longer each and every person is interior the physique of Christ. This factors to the tip that no longer each and every person is your brother in Christ. Even spiritually. In turn, in the event that they do no longer look to be interior the physique, they are an "enemy", yet purely to the element the place they flatly refuse the gospel of salvation. it particularly is the place the Bible tells us to shake the dirt off our ft and pass on. 2. in case you element to a greater religious nature, you could call the "seven deadly sins" or all people or rigidity that seeks to divert our interest from serving God. those would properly count number between our enemies. 3. The Bible says to love those that dislike you. needless to say then we ought to love our enemies. The Bible in no way says to hate all people, inclusive of our enemies and this ends up in a difference between enemy and hate. purely by using fact I call you an enemy does no longer mean that I hate you. purely the choice. i'm going to love you greater because you're my enemy. Why? you like it greater advantageous than my brother in Christ, who already has the superb Love of all. In end-love those you call enemy, yet be sure you recognize who they are. in the event that they carry forth a distinctive gospel, refuse the authentic gospel of salvation or blaspheme the Holy Ghost, then those could be worth of the identify of enemy. lower back, this would not mean i'm going to hate you or shun you away. The Bible provides a strict command on enemies, and a greater strict command on hate.

  • as a democrat and a liberal i know that is true that we support americas enemies. and ofcourse saddam and bin ladin and all other terrorists want republicans out so they can do what they want.

    but i think that is good. i ask myself everyday..".what did i do to make those poor iranians and middle eastern terrorists mad?"

    and then i try to think of ways to help them. for my fellow lib that said she hasnt corraborrated with the enemy. most of us liberals are not very successful, we need govt assistance and things to help the lil guy. so u are not in a postion to do this. best u can do is vote for democrats so they can do the corraborrating for us.

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    Right-wingers have no sense of decency, even as they proclaim to be. This isn't surprising at all. Remember, this is the party of Joseph McCarthy and the Swift Boat Veterans of Truth. Propagandists, to the core.

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    I like the term "cry-baby conservatives"!

    AND...yes, their thinking is egregiously shameful!

    I'm as liberal as anyone can be, AND I will never collaborate with any enemy...anywhere!

    AND...anyone who thinks that I'm a terrorist-sympathizer just because I don't believe not one friggin' word coming out of Bush's mouth is a babbling, free-roaming idiot!

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    Call a Spade a Spade.

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    why do so many lib hate Israel just like the enemy

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    YOU liberals are the reason that the war on terror will last longer than it should.

    Source(s): YOU cowards make me sick
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    Quit spinning,I'm getting ready to barf.

    Source(s): Slow your rool,Foolio
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