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how can i burn 200 calories??

ok i do 300 crunches per day anything else i can do


shoot i mean 2000

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    How can you burn 2000 calories a day? Well, if you figure that your 300 crunches only burned about 50, that gives you an idea.

    How many calories you burn depends on how much you weigh, how hard you work, what distance if walking/running and intensity.

    A 200 lb person who walks 2 miles a day burns 175 calories. That means it would take 3 weeks to lose 1 pound.

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    Jump jack 1min


    Push up

    Kick butts 1min


    High knees 1min


    Torso rotation both directions

    Side bends

    Mountain climbers

    Wall sit


    Run or Jog for 20-30 mins

    You don't need to burn 2000 calories at once though,that is too many calories at once though.If you eat only 1500 calories a day and burn 500 calories a day that 7000 calories burnt by the end of the week,which would be about two pounds.

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    if you walk for 20 minuts going 4-5 miles an hour u will burn 200

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    Walking 2 miles at 3 miles per hour on a treadmill

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    A brisk walk for 1 hour will burn 200 cals..;

  • starve yourself for a day (jk)

    Light jogging around a nice paved nature trail 3 times a week, just one time around should do the trick in no time. Sunrise is a gorgeous time to go with a friend =)

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    if u want to burn calories its gonna be doing stuff thats really fast paced. if u wanna burn a lot of calories go run a mile and really push yourself so that when youre done that your exhausted. if you wanna build muscle its gonna be doin stuff like pushups and liftin weights. do stuff thats really fast paced though to burn the calories.


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    Running is good cardio and burns a lot of calories.

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    If there is an indoor pool near where you live, those are really helpful. Otherwise, just traditional exercises.

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    run a mile

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