Questions about ImageReady?

1- again:( the resolution is bad when I try to add an animation to some images & then save them as 1 GIF image..the problem is in the settings but I don't know what to do..

2- Is there an action (fade in) that I can add it to the image (just like the one in Flash)?..

* I want to add a flash to my site..but the flash I made is more than 1 mega !!!!!! so I'm trying to do the same thing as a GIF image.

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    gif isnt good if you want to keep resolution high for graphics. and most graphics that use gif compression are small no bigger than 225px x 225px.

    as far as using image ready, when you save the 'optimized as' you have all of these options for optimization, your choices dynamically update the image so you can get an idea of what it will look like before you save it.

    no theres not a fade in command, you'll have to do it with an image sequence.

    ive made a 90sec movie clip 480x270 in flash less than 2mb and a 8 sec clip less than 250kb. so flash is definitly the modern way to go as far as any kind of animation goes. Trust me as an animator and web designer, Flash IS the way to go. if you have any questions regarding any adobe products which does include flash, email me at

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    Dude I love ya really, but you obvioulsy don't have a clue.

    1- your using ImageReady

    Yuo need to study the asics of: image compression, Flash and ActionScript.

    There's no shortcut to tis kind of knowledge. The good news these things aren't hard to learn, just go to your local Borders and get some "In 24 Hours" books and read about image compression on the internet.

    Also helpful for image compression is FireWorksMX. Adobe bought the company that makes it to kill of the software which is far superior (but not as popular) as Photoshop and IR. But really dude, you just gotta have it.

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    if you want it to fade in why not use the filters/gausian blur to make it fade in just fade one image and put it on your first frame and then put your normal image on frame 2, if you have imageready then i am sure you will have photoshop so you can use the filters in there. as for file compression try and play around with it in save for web and see what you come up with.

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