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what are those moulds called?

I would like to know what those mould kits are called where you have two plastic moulds that you fill with some stuff i dont know what though,and then are put together,when dried they make a whole,whatever the mould is of,and then you can paint it

Thanks everyone


they have a certain name to them,not just 'molds'

I would like to know the proper name

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    i dont think they are moulds....

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    The best I can suggest is "two part" molds --for making 3 dimensional casts. They're made in different ways, sometimes with registration marks or connections, and can be used for clays and putties or completely liquid materials, and in industry or art/crafts. You might want to do a search using the search terms:


    "two part"


    (and add the type of material you might want to use for the mold or for casting in the mold)

    Here are some without any material stipulated:


    Diane B.

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    By Jove, I think you got it. I do believe they're called molds. You fill them with plaster of paris, let them dry and paint them..

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