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how hard is it to be a writer?

i have alway wanted to be one.. i got my ged but even i know that is not enough.. i quit school in the 6th grade and study just enough to pass .. i had to study at home because my exhubby at that time did not allow me to go to school and told me if i failed i could not retake it,,what classes should i take i dont understand grammer and such... yeah i know my question show that


wow mary i had no idea

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    You have to understand the elements of the structure of Story. Many writers do this subconsciously by reading. So, read a lot. You also should have a bit of talent, but learning the craft of storytelling will maximize your talent.

    Even Stephen King says he reads alot to keep fresh and lists that as the number one point about learning to write.

    Concerning having a degree, that isn't particularly necessary. Life experience is most important, which is why most popular writers are in their mid-30s at the least.

    As you learn about story structure, there are many sites out there that provide tutorials and exercises. And also there are message boards where you can discuss your ideas and learn how to flesh them into a story.

    Besides reading, something specific you may want to learn is the principle "show, don't tell". I think if you can understand this principle, then understanding fine writing becomes easier. Then add this to story structure and you can have a go at it.

    Check out http://www.storyentertainment.com/ for some tutorials on story structure. Look at the controlling idea and premise tutorials particularly.

    Source(s): Story Design Tutorials http://www.storyentertainment.com/
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    you ARE a writer, invisible.

    (and, you've even had people read your work...right here)

    being a writer is easy.

    you need desire.

    you need action.

    being a good writer is a little more difficult.

    being a published writer...even more.

    being a highly paid writer...you GO girl!

    it CAN be done, though.

    and YOU can do it!

    1) look around you for examples of what kind of writing you want to do next...a letter to the editor, an article for a paper/magazine, a blog on the web, a self-published book of poems or children's stories, an autobiography for the stage.....

    2) as you write, think about who you are talking to...and keep it real

    3) attend book clubs at local libraries, where people discuss what they like/don't like about various styles, treatments, etc.

    4) join a writers' group and dare to share your work and get feedback

    5) never give up!


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    A degree isn't necessary to be a good writer, though it does certainly help in that you have an understanding of the English language, its structure and techniques. Basic college level English classes would help improve your understanding and grasp of English.

    To be a writer, you write, that's it, no secret there.


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    VERY DIFFICULT! First, you have to find your genre. History, sci-fi, magazine articles for hunter...whatever! Then, after you actually write something in that genre, research your market (read like minds), then you have to pay fees and photocopies of everything while keeping track of where and what you sent. Then you get rejected...Stephen King got like 75 rejection letters before Carrie! Then, you have to find an agent and an accountant and the time to PRODUCE! In the end its worth it, if you really love it! Afterall...THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS!!!

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    Sit down and write.

    Don't talk about it.

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