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when dining out, do you tip on the total cost of one or more bottles of wine?

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    I think the conventional view is that you do not have to tip on bottles of wine ordered during the course of the meal. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a sommelier helped you select the wine then the sommelier should be tipped 15% of the wine bill.

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    I was taught to tip 15-20% on the food and 10% on the wine/beverage tab. I generally do not separate them out, though, and I tip 15% as a minimum. If the service was better than acceptable, I tip more. A few times, I have tipped more than 30%, but those were exceptional occasions. I say "a few times" - those were in high-end restos when the tab was substantive (more than ~$150.00 US for two people). Every day, I round the tip up, I don't calculate to the penny; I've probably tipped well over 20% on a lot of small tabs. I don't really count.

    DISCLAIMER: My mother raised five children as a single parent working as a waitress. If I ever stiffed the waitstaff; I'd go directly to h3ll; Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. If I cannot afford to leave a generaous tip, I eat at home.

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    I generally try to tip 20% of the total bill, or more if the service was really, really good. If you do that, you'll get great service when you return. If your question is really whether you should figure the percentage on the cost of the meal PLUS a really expensive bottle of wine or two, of course you should; if you can afford the wine (which at a restaurant will typically cost twice what it does off the shelf), you can afford to help out a good waiter or waitress.

    Bon appetit!

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    On the total cost of the meal. Unless you have different servers a personto uncork the wine a person to deliver the appetizer and a person to feliver the meal etc. Then I tip each one.

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    Yes, unless you are a cheapskate

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