how can i be popular?

i want to be popular so bad!! i'm in sixth grade and just moved to a new house, and a new school, and obviosly being myself doesn't work! please, i want to be popular sooooooooooooo bad!!!!!! thanks -Hailey

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    Just be yourself. If that gets you popular, then great. If not, then at least you'll have honest friends that you can count on. Nobody likes a person that acts fake just so people can like them.

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    Well if you have to give up ur self for being popular then thats not so good cuz people are not gonna like you for you. Just wait a while and you'll get your moment. Besides you may loose your best friends just for some snobby people who dont even know who you really are.. Have you ever seen the movie MEAN GIRLS? well if you didnt then you should consider watching it and see how right I am. Good Luck

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    dude popular is over rated. If being yourself doesn't work then it means the majority of people around you may be snobs. If being popular means you can't be yourself then that'll really suck. I've been both and it's MUCH better to simply be accepted for who you are, because it would be a shame to value the wrong things in your life. Besides wouldn't you rather be disliked for who you are than loved for who you're not? Rock the boat a bit.

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    hate to break it to ya kid, but there is no such thing as popularity, and before you give me a thumbs down rating just read on..

    what does popularity mean to you? everyone knows your name? everyone likes you? boys will like you? you dont have to be labeled as 'popular' for that to happen. If your new at school, im sure that most people know your name already, and im sure everyone wants to meet you. Just be nice to EVERYONE as much as you may not want to be friends with them, or like them, or if you don't get along with them, would it kill you to say hello, or smile at them in the hallway?. its not like you have to hangout with them everyweekend, Dress how ever you want to. Don't try to be somebody your not, if you can just be civil with everyone, by the time you get to highschool the whole 'popularity' thing will no longer exist. as long as you can be nice to everyone you'll have plenty of invitations, friends, boyfriends, and hopefully no enemies or drama. any enemies that may come along are just jealous and in a week it wont even matter anymore

    good luck with school. i hope this helps

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    your young, i guess.

    yeah being yourself won't cut it.

    but once you get start to realize popularity don't matter. you can still look cool with a couple of friends. if you are well admired.

    but the key is, being outgoing loud (but not obnixously) and super sweet to everyone.

    but where ever your place is in society is probably all decided by your actions.

    just talk to everyone<-

    and be a part of people's life.

    get involved.

    but never be obnoxious, do stuff people can talk **** about, or be a nosy *****.

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    y do you wana be soooooooooooooooo popular? its the same, the ones that likes you know, wont like you being popular, the ones that dosnt like you know, will. kind of. if you wana be popular to have friends, i tell you, the best friends in the world, you can find them....what popular people say.... in the durk table :)).

    well you can be plastic, long hair, you have to be kind of antisocial, not antisocial, but cant go around talking to everyone, maybe you can be in the cheerleaders, and you can be cold shiny whore *****

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    You'll have to make friends with the popular kids. Just make sure you don't lose who you are along the way, or do anything to compromise your own values to please others.

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    Have long hair

    Dont wear too much black/dark clothes

    have a good sense of humor :)

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    ok first of all....try something different to be noticed(change clothes or something like that...make sure you are comfortable in them though....) but don't loose your personality....if they don't like you for who you are then go to another group or click.....if those don't exept you make your own group.....

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    Tape money to your entire body.

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