For the past few days I don't have much of an appetite. What could be causing this?

I just don't feel hungry even though I haven't been eating much. Why have lost my appetite?

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    Could be any number of things. Are you one to celebrate Christmas and are you stressing about getting the right presents or what to cook for Christmas day? If yes, then you might just be stressing so much, your appetite has taken a break. Do you feel bad in any other way? Achey muscles or joints, headache, fatigue? If yes, then you might be fighting some viral thing. I would not worry about it too much, unless you start to loose alarming amounts of weight in a short period of time, then I would go see a doctor.

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    I don't know... maybe a lack of exercise... try a little jog to see if you can work up an appetite!

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    This happens to me all the time, totally PMS....or it could be the on coming of a cold. I'm not sure. Just eat light, so that you don't get a lack of nutrients.

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    could be depressed or a cold coming on.try to at least have some soups and fluids,juices,tea.

    hope you feel better.

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    maybe you are pregnant?!

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