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What does more than moderate/abnormal fluid in the cul-de-sac indicate?

I had an ultrasound and everything came back normal except an abnormal excessive fluid, which my doc said was blood in my cul-de-sac... what does that indicate?


it showed up on the ultrasound. my periods are normal in frequency and the amount of blood. It hurts a whole lot though. And even when I am not having my period I have bad backaches and abdominal pain, which has been constant for the last three months (as in everyday...every minute) and on and off in the two years before that.

Update 2:

I had an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound... I am assuming it was the pelvic one that showed the blood.

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    If you were having an ultrasound on your intestines, it may mean you have diverticulitis. Read the website below for that. If they were doing an ultrasound on another part, not sure.

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    how your doctor find it out? any aspiration?

    are you pregnant? period?

    oh well i need more information about you.

    any pain? normal period cycles?

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