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:Dveiled chameleons?:)?

Can some one please give me info on them. i'm getting one after christmas and i don't know to get a male or female. Im getting a baby. I need more info please i already posted twice and only one answered. Info like food,houseing,color,ect...

:P :) :D

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    Get a female!! Soooo cute!! Housing SMALL glass aquarium with a heat lamp, water bowl, fruit, hideout, sand bedding!! Hope this helps!?!?

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    You will do fine with a cage the size of a 10 gallon aquarium for a short time. You eventually will need a cage 3 foot x 3 foot x 4 foot. It will need to set up high so your chameleon can sit above eye level. They need lots of climbing and basking spots and they will need direct sunlight. You will need to provide places that reach 90-105 degrees and places that stay cooler so it can regulate its body temp.You will also need UVB lighting. They will consume a lot of vegitation. It is best to have a live plant or a few to provide it with plenty of fresh food. They are mainly insectivores so you will need to feed it feeder insects. They will need to be gut-loaded and dusted. This is where I get my feeder insects. You will need to provide clean drinking water daily.They usually won't drink from a bowl so you will need to heavily mist the entire enclosure with clean de-chlorinated water twice daily. Those are just the basics.

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    A male chameleon could emerge as extra brilliant in colouration and a feminine could emerge as extra stupid in colouration as they each could be responding to their mirrored image - the male becomming competitive and showing and the feminine fitting shy and submissive. Chameleons are good hidden as a result of their base color, inexperienced, mixing with their inexperienced atmosphere. Their specific color is a mirrored image of temper, now not atmosphere.

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    thanx for 2 points!!

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