What is the difference between implantation bleeding and a period?

When does implantation bleeding starts? My girlfriend got her period 2 weeks after we had sexs. Her period started 2 days late and she didnt experience any cramping on this period and all her other periods she always felt cramps then the next day she would get her period. She was bleeding 2 days and then stop and then back again that same night when she pees. Is that normal? Can she be pregant? I think its just her period and like she been stressing and stuff so that she wouldnt have to worry so much. But im not sure . Can someone please help me with this question?


Worried Boyfriend

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    Its sweet that you are worried for her.

    I'm with you on this one I think its just a light period that may have been affected be stress.

    Implanation bleeding usually occurs about 5-10 days after ovlation when the egg implants in the uterus. Generally this bleeding is very light and should not be constant.

    A pregnancy test should show positive at this time, is she is pregnant so I would advise your girlfriend to do a test, this should hopefully put your minds at rest.

    Good luck to you both.

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    Is it implantation bleeding?

    How can I tell the difference between an early period and implantation bleeding?

    I would suspect implantation bleeding if it occurs a bit earlier than expected, if it were scanty, spotty, pinkish and not red and heavy like a period, and does not follow the normal pattern of a period (light to heavy to light).

    The BBT should remain elevated and not decline to preovulatory levels.

    There is often the feeling that it is a period with light cramps and bloating, but the bleeding is shorter, lighter and just not normal.

    If a woman is usually regular, and now all of a sudden develops this type of early spotting, and of course is "at risk" for a pregnancy, I would strongly suspect conception.

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    I do not feel there are any visible variations among the 2, however implantation bleeding is precipitated while an egg implants into the uterine wall, while a interval is in sensible phrases that wall being shed. If you simply began taking beginning manage tablets once more after preventing that may intervene together with your interval. Even should you had been taking them always they would mess with it, so I wouldnt rather fear approximately it. Pills too can make your interval so much lighter and shorter ordinarily. And your interval or proper earlier than (and in general BC tablets once more) could make your breasts sore. It does not sound like your pregnant, however take a experiment to make certain.

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