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What does a securities litigator do?

I know that it's a type of lawyer, but I'm not sure what do they do? Could anyone explain? Also, what does securities mean?

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    Securities are shares of stocks. In this situation, they are usually sold on the stock exchange (public corporations). However, some shares of stock are owned by corporations that are not listed on the stock exchange (private corporations).

    If there is a dispute between/among the shareholders regarding the shares and their interest in the corporation, and it cannot be resolved, they will need to seek representation by an attorney. That attorney will usually be someone who specializes in corporate law and even more specifically in securities (stocks) law.

    When a dispute between parties cannot be resolved between them, they seek representation by a lawyer who specializes in taking disputes to court. That type of lawyer is known as a litigator. And if the matter regarding stocks or securities must be taken to court in order to be resolved, the type of lawyer who handles the case is known as a securities litigator.

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