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doea any one know what 3 intresting facts about the gray wolf are?

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    1. they're gray.

    2. they're wolves.

    3. they're interesting.

    Did I win?

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    The life span of the Gray Wolf is 10 to 18 years

    The Gray Wolf makes various whines, yelps, growls, and barks, although not all wolves are capable of barking. The most common bark is short, harsh, and uttered in a brief series. Howls, used to keep the pack together, may be at a constant pitch, may rise and fall, or rise and break off abruptly, sounding anywhere from dismal to beautiful and haunting. The howl of one wolf seldom lasts more than five seconds, but others in the pack may take it up, producing a chorus that continues until the animals tire or disperse. Many wolves answer a bark—even a poor human imitation of one—by howling. They produce a communal howl sometimes in early morning, but most often in the evening, when it may stimulate the urge to hunt. It usually begins with a few sharp barks by one or more pack members, which are often followed by a low, rather querulous howl that, in turn, stimulates steadier, louder communal howling that dies away after a few minutes, often ending with a few more barks before the pack goes off together to hunt. A wolf separated from its pack may give the “lonesome howl”—a shortened call that rises in pitch and then dies away plaintively

    Usually hunting at night, this animal feeds primarily on large mammals, including Moose, Caribou, and deer, but will also catch smaller ones, and sometimes eats berries, birds, fish, and insects. The wolf ideally needs about 3 3/4 pounds (1.7 kg) of food per day, but it can go for two weeks or more without food. It gorges itself when food is plentiful.

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  • A Gray wolf can fast for 2 weeks and then eat 20 lbs of meat at one time.

    Wolves store meat in their so called "belly-basket" and regurgitate food when prompted by the wolf cubs when they return from a hunt. The pups induce regurgitation by licking and nibbling at the mouths of the adults. (My dog once regugitated his food for a puppy who was licking his mouth and induced the instinctive reaction, its rare but some dogs still retain this trait from their wolf ancestors)

    A wolf's sense of smell is 100 times more sensitive than a human's.

    Radiocollared wolves have been tracked ranging more than 700 kilometres.

    Most North American domestic dogs and Gray wolves share a common ancestor and dogs are classified as a subspecies of wolf (Canis lupus familiaris)

    PS the person above who said Gray wolves prey mainly on rodents is mistaken, wolves by their very habit of living in large social groups are accustomed to prey on larger animals when at all possible and only prey on rodents as a supplement to thier diet or in times of extreme need when their regular prey are scarce. Only solitary wolves rely more upon small rodents because they are incapable of bringing down larger prey. Also they dont always mate for life and may even help kill or drive a mate out of the pack in favour of a better mate who has worked its way up the social hierarchy, they also will take a new mate if their previous one dies.

    Excerpt from Wikipedia.... Wolves' diets include, but are not limited to, elk, caribou, moose, deer, and other large ungulates. The American Bison is probably the largest animal wolves prey on, with bison exceeding a ton having been taken down by a pack. They also prey on rodents and small animals in a limited manner, as a typical adult wolf requires a minimum of 1.1 kg (2.5 lb) of food per day for sustenance, but approximately 2.2 kg (5 lb) to reproduce successfully.

    Source(s): Writings of L David Mech, Ron Lawrence, other wolf biologists and Wikipedia..
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    They have the biggest "payload" during orgasim Vs body weight of any animal.

    They also helped take bullets for the red man during the early 1800's.

  • 1. There scientific name is Canus Lupus

    2. They have broader paws and less narrow snouts then coyotes

    3. They raise their young

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    1 they are gray

    2 .they are in alaska.

    3 they are in groups

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    They mate for life.

    They survive mostly on rodents, not large animals as many think.

    They do not attack humans except in defense.

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    And they like to chow down on poodles so they must be OK.

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    read Farley Mowatt.......he wrote about wolves. nonfictional and most interesting. you get more than three answers.

    give a little get a little.

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