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Still hurts...?

I have had interourse numerous and it still hurts. any tips for it not too and also tips to climax

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    Use lubricant and have your selfish boyfriend stimulate you with foreplay.

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    Use lots of water-based lubricant and make sure you aren't having an allergic reaction to the condoms. Some people are allergic to latex and have to use polyurethane condoms. As far as tips to climax you could buy a book about couplesex and they will give you many tips such as using a little vibrator.

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    Make sure you have enough lubricate, if you are not naturally producing enough, then use water based lubricant. water based is best for condoms. Climaxing....don't think about it. Just relax and enjoy what you are feeling and it will come. Getting rid of the pain will help I am sure

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    i have that issue you may need to speak with your gynecologist

    or you should use ky jelly or that other stuff astroglide so you can be lubed up. or maybe he nedds to do more foreplay etc to get you stimulated. Plus once you get to age 25-closer to 30 intercourse gets painful and you can feel yourself ovulating more than you could at 13-21. You will feel that egg in your fallopian tubes waiting to be fertilized and it hurts like hell when you sit down an your ovulating. So speak with your gynecologist.

    Source(s): i started having this pain at age 27 adn it just recently slacked off since me and my hubby have less sex. We were having sex every day for the past 5 years. Now it don't hurt as much now we have sex every 3 weeks , and he takes his time now its not all rough and painful. He was very selfish with sex thinking only of his pleasure but now he is taking the time to please me
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    Try using KY jelly, or that new warming jell. It takes awhile to learn what your body needs. You should (I think) not have any intercourse without protection and be with someone you love!

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    i dont know

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