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Guys...What does this mean??!!!?

so i was talking to my crush and the subject of us dating came up...(we both know that we have feelings for eachother) and this is what he said, "i just want to be freinds and thats it and if u ever feel that its going to fast really just say something.... ". We just recently met and have been talking for like 2 months so we are still trying to get to know eachother a little better...based off what he said, does this mean he has something planned in the future as far as us dating goes? PLEASE HELP!

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    He is sending you mixed signals, which can be easy to do when maybe he isn't sure either what he wants. Just ask him where he sees your relationship going. If he states he just wants to be friends, believe him. Its the second part of what you typed that is the mixed signal. Again, you need to ask him but be willing to put yourself out there and tell him how you feel too. It is scary to put it all out there but it will make everything clear and you will know where things might or might not be heading.

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    He likes you as a friend thats all! He has feelings for you as a friend and nothing more!

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    Maybe he don't want to ruin a good friendship.......or maybe he is telling you that so he don't scare you off, maybe you should tell him how you really feel.

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