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when u have a sore throat?

does drinking water with salt really help?

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    Do not drink the water, just gargle it. I've done this since I was a kid, and I find that it helps. Just gargle some warm water with salt in it. It must be helpful if its always helped me. And when I had my wisdom teeth pulled out, my dentist even told me to gargle with warm salt water. So if the doc recomends it, it must work some, :-) Hope your throat feels better soon!

    Also avoid juices with acid, like orange juice, they will make it worse,

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    licorice root helps a sore throat. There are many teas out there you can drink that also help. Try Traditional Medicine's Throat Coat tea.

    Just stick to gargling with warm salt water and don't' drink it.

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    No! Do NOT drink it; it'll make you puke! Only gargle with it!

    Drinking regular hot Lipton or Red Rose tea also soothes sore throats. Sleeping with a vaporizer on will help, too.

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    Gargle with warm salty water, do not drink it. Get some halls fruit breezers, drink tea with honey, (or sugar) a shot or two of brandy and lemon.

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    the salt makes your throat tough

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