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Does anyone else not get Birthday presents for there bithday?

i'm 11 and my brother's 12. For our birthdays we get stuff like beef jerky and soda and candy from our parents. We're not poor we just do. We don't really celebrate it either. For Xmas we get huge things like ipods and cells phones. Todays my brothers birthday and last week was his friends. He got food and they got a moped. I don't think it's really fair either. Is they a way I can convince my parents to actually get presents with out them feeling bad?

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    Oh, sweetie, I don't know about the presents. Maybe your parents want to give you huge stuff once a year at Christmas instead of smaller stuff twice a year? But I do think it's unfair that you don't celebrate it. Birthdays should be celebrated! Do you think that you could ask them how they used to celebrate their birthdays when they were kids? If there were special food, special celebrations, birthday presents and all. Maybe that could get them talking about why they don't celebrate your and your brother's birthdays more than they do, and why they don't give you gifts.

    Good luck!

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    Be grateful for what you have even if you think it's not enough. Maybe your parents would rather give you better presents on Christmas than your birthdays.

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    forget Alton Towers for the cost it is going to cost you for that holiday you're able to pay in basic terms slightly extra suitable and take care of him to a visit racing using, flying or some thing like that. He might probably be so grateful which you will possibly finally end up being his curler coaster - in case you get my waft.

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    well tell them that you think it would be more reasonable for them to get you something that's not food. Explain to them that they should share the food buying for the whole family and the presents for you.

    it's easy knowing that no matter what you say they will still love you. just open up to them tell them how you feel, and they might respect that and get you what you want.

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    you get really nice things for Christmas be grateful. Ask your parents if you can get nice things for your birthday and food for Christmas or one less nice thing for Christmas and give it to you on your birthday.

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    it is the thought that counts.. sorry sweetie .. if you get really good xmas gift then count your self lucky ... the fact that your parent dont give good bd present may be the reason you get good xmas present

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    you are not a a loss for gifts it just seems birthdays are not important in your family.

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