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Could you please explain in detail the difference between equations & inequalities?

I don't really get it, please help me, or give me some sites that can explain this?

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    equations are formulas which have a = in the middle

    in equalities have <,>,<=,>= in the middle

    you basically solve them the same way- the only difference is that when you divide or multiply by a negative- the sign in the middle flips in the inequality

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    They are similar, so I can sewhy you are confused. Equations are equal. Take for example y=5. Y (an nknown value) is EQUAL to 5. Y IS 5. On the other hand, Inequalities are saying well, it could be this OR that. Take for example y>5. Y is greater than 5. Y could be 6, 7.95, 100.... whatever.

    You could also see

    Y<or equal to 3. In this case, y could be equal to 3, or anything less than 3.

    Does that help?

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    An equation would be something set equal to something else. For example, an equation would be...

    x + 4 = 9

    Where you could reasonable assume that x = 5

    On the other hand, an inequality would be something set to "more than", "less than", "more than or equal to", "less than or equal to" or "equal to" something else.

    For example...

    x + 4 > 9

    Which reads "x plus four is greater than nine".

    You can again reasonably assume that x is greater than five (x > 5), because x HAS to be greater than five in order for the whole thing to be greater than nine.

    I hope this helped. Good luck!

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    Any number sentence that has an = is an equation (to remember this notice: equa-equal).

    Any number sentence that has anyother symbol(including greater than or equal to symbols) are inequalities(inequa-not equal).

    Hope it helps!

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    equations are the problems that have one answer and inequalities can have various answers. That is when they use < (less than), > (Greater than), + or equal to.

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    Equations are statements that define variables. ex. 4x=8, x=2

    Inequalities are statements that define the range of what a variable can be. ex. 4x>8, x>2 which means that x can be anything greater than 2

  • equations use =

    and inequalities use < or >

    Source(s): Alg 2 student
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