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Does Any One Who Have A Jealous-hearted Sister In Their Family?

If So Explain and How Long Has She Been This Way

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    My sister is like this and she's almost 41. I'm 28 and the baby of the family. We are half sisters and have a different dad. My dad is great and hers was a creep, so she's jealous of that of course. When I was younger I was spoiled, still am, but I am very close to our mom. She didn't live with her when mom and her dad divorced and about 6 years ago she moved 4 hours away and doesn't see her much. She brings it all on herself, as is the case with everyone in this situation I think. I remember my dad always telling me "your life is what you make of it". Maybe my sister should have paid attention to that too.

    She doesn't even like my 4 year old son, because he too is spoiled by my mom. She's just nuts.

    Just don't let your sister get the best of you. Her problems are HER problems, not yours. Sorry you have to go through this stuff too! Just know we aren't alone!

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    I don't have a sister, but my cousin can get very jealous at times. She and her mom tend to fidget whenever I mention some academic or personal achievement of mine. (I have a lot more of those than my cousin — I've always been smarter and more likeable than her.) Just ignore her. The envious will never change.

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    She has been this way her entire life and she is 39 years old. And the very unfortunate thing is she gets worse with age. God bless****

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