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translate to farsi?

Thank you for coming to the party. I had a nice time with you. Here are some pictures from last night.

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    .از شما بخاطر آمدن به مهمانی متشکرم.من لحظات خوشی با شما داشتم. اینجا چند عکس از دیشب هست

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    I don't know Farsi myself, it's a rare language. Maybe an online translator could help you.

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    the translations above are correct, but never again use "farsi" !!! it's simply PERSIAN !

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    Here is the translation phonetically written in English and in the Persian alphabet:

    kheili mamnoonam ke shomA be mehmAni Amadin. bA shomA be man kheili khosh gozasht. aks-hAyi ke dishab bar dAshte shod dAram.

    خیلی ممنونم که شما به مهمانی آمدین. با شما به من خیلی خوش گذشت. عکسهائی که دیشب بر داشته شد دارم

    Source(s): I'm a former Persian language teacher.
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    Sorry but the last sentence in the last answer seems wrong to me. It should be:

    In ham chand ta az axhaye dishab.

    اين هم چند تا از عكس هاي ديشب.

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    there is a shia chat with a farsi section u can sk there

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