How long does it take for a FAFSA application to be approved or rejected?

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    Usually a day or two if your applying online.

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    Your application usually takes between 7-10 days to be approved/rejected. You won't see your awarded amounts until about a month after your application is approved, though. Most of the time, your awarded amounts are determined by the institution you choose and your income. So if you've not chosen a specific school yet, you may not see those amounts until you get your reward letter, usually within a month of enrollment into the institution.

    Let me just warn you now... If you are planning to receive Financial Aid, make sure to keep up with it at the Financial Aid Office on campus. Most schools will not put your awarded amounts toward your balance until you go visit with them and ask them to do it, and even then you usually end up doing the inevitable financial aid battle. You will most definately be in and out of the Financial Aid Office several times within your stay with whatever school you choose. And ALWAYS check your balances with your award letter. A lot of times, the financial aid office gets your amounts wrong and you end up oweing money before you can enroll the next semester. Make sure and keep them on their toes. It will be to your best benifit.

    Hope this helps, and lots of luck! You're going to need it! :)

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    I see yet another impediment too that is going to dodge you from ending up your FAFSA at the moment - your age. men could watch for the Selective service - in spite of the undeniable fact that that is a seize 22. because you won't be able to sign in for the Selective service till your 18 birthday. I had this same appropriate difficulty with my 2 sons who both began college at age 16. i ought to no longer finished a FAFSA for both one till the days of each and every their 18th birthdays! flow discern that one out the way you be conscious for FAFSA less than 18! So, I pronounced as and the FAFSA (US branch of coaching) shown that i ought to no longer finished a FAFSA till they'd registered with the SS! ok, so enable's say you turn 18 and the SS area is carried out, i'd contact your college's monetary help branch and ask them if there's a procedure on your issue that your are not any further your mothers and fathers' dependents. no longer particular how that works, yet i recognize that once there are exceptions to the very rigid FAFSA classic guidelines, there are some exceptions and those are dealt with by skill of your college (for instance, I lost my activity in April and my income were going to be 1/2 of what my FAFSA tax go back meditated for that college twelve months for my 20 twelve months previous daughter's FAFSA - her college gave me a supplemental style to mirror that fluctuate in income). i recognize there are exceptions - so contact your colleges' monetary help branch sturdy success.

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    Check Status

    You can check the status of your application at any time, but they recommend you check the status at the following times:

    3-5 days after submission - if you used a PIN to sign your application

    7-10 days after submission - if you printed, signed and mailed a signature page.

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    If you do it early and online, you should hear back within a week or less. I try to do mine by February, before the rush starts.

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