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irish americans?

I myself am german, and i get intensly irritated by americans who claim to be german merely through their ancestry.

as I know many irish who are baffled at americans claiming to be irish.

what gives americans the right to claim such things.?

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    we are proud of our heritage.

    i'm english - irish and german

    i'm quite cute too!! ;-)

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    OK my mother was German born and my father was Ireland born

    i was born here in the states ....i have every right to say im half

    german-half irish famliy came to get away from people as

    closed mined as you....if you feel this way why ask americans???

    why not go back to there and leave the rest here in peace

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    Just because we live in the USA doesnt mean we arent another ethnicity... EVERYONE is who they are because of their ancestry... just as you are. YOU are only german because of your mom and dad and ancestors... what makes people who live in the US any less, just because of where we live? Don't be too quick to set yourself apart from everyone else.

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