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Mixed signals?!?!?!?

Okay, this guy that I liked was really flirty. I thought he liked me back. I was almost positive of it. So I was going to ask him if he liked me. Then he hooked up with his ex-girlfriend, one of my best friends. Was he using me to get his extra flirting energy out? Was I just a rebound? I feel so sad.


My best friend wouldn't have been mad if I went out with him. She's not that type. It's just that at my school, there are only so many fish in the sea. I guess I should just move on. Thanx for the advice everyone!

Update 2:

He didn't hurt me. She didn't hurt me. I'm not mad at either of them, just a little upset.

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    Sometimes guys will just flirt around with someone, and hope for something to develope, but often something else then comes along. This appears to be the situaton you're in. He may have liked you, but it's maybe best that nothing happened, seeing as how this man is also your best friend's ex.

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    You probably shouldn't be pursuing your best friend's ex-boyfriend. That's an unwritten best friend rule.

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    Maybe he liked you, but also liked his ex and wanted to go back to what he had.

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    yep he was using you to get back with her you should tell him off and tell your friend what he and she will probably dump him because he hurt you

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    i say just ask her but frist kick her ***

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    BE HAPPY, you are rid of him, its her problem AGAIN !

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