If you have joint custody of child in PA, Does 1 parent still have to pay even though time shared is even?

Currently paying child support for one child in PA but have joint custody (26 weeks a year) for each parent. Are there any websites with info on help in this matter? If we share equal time why do I still have to pay her?

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    These are two separate issues. One may or may not have bearing on the other. It would be possible to pay nearly all of the support and never see the kids. Paying support does not buy a right to visit. If you could pay nothing you would still have visitation rights. These matters are often decided by the judge. Don't look for fairness. The courts consider the best interests of the child primarily.

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    I live in PA and have been through this myself. As someone else pointed out, these are two separate issues under PA law. 'Custody' is decided by the judge, 'support' will be decided by your local Domestic Relations Office. Did the other parent file for a support order? Did you go to the hearing and contest? You can always - at any time - ask for a hearing to bring up a changed situation or other evidence that the support order should be changed.

    Good luck!

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    It depends on which parent makes more money. We pay child support even though we have joint custody and have legal residency of the children.

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    In TX if you have joint custody and the child's time is divided equal no child support is paid. Unless it is a rare case. I would contact a lawyer and see what I could do.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on who is paying for the childs needs. Just because you have joint custody doesn't mean you are supplying the childs needs. IE: Medical and Dental Ins. Food, Clothing etc.... That's nationwide I believe... Good Luck.

  • 4 years ago

    Joint custody in actuality in simple terms means which you the two are to blame for making the selections and the dad has rights to work out his newborn. newborn help could come from the confirm who the youngster isn't living with. for example, if the youngster resides with the mummy, the daddy could pay newborn help to the mummy. the quantity that confirm could get relies upon on the different confirm's each and every year wages. Joint custody particularly has no longer something to do with something whilst it includes newborn help being paid.

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    Depends who the child spends more time with. You can have joint custody with one parent having physical custody.

  • 1 decade ago

    Someone always has more time. My friend has her kids 1 day less than her ex-husband and has to pay child support. sorry

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