where can i find euro lights for a 89 ford thunderbird?

i have all kinds of mods on this ride i want to get a set of euro lights and cant seem to find them any place

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am assuming you mean the headlight replacements since other lights are just accessory items that you can buy and add as you wish.


    You prob., have sealed beam headlamps in the headlight sockets. What you need to do is get headlamps that accept the H3 type bulbs.

    Your local autostore may carry them or you can find them at JC Whitney (jcwhitney.com). Typically they will be about $30 to $50 for the set).

    Once you have them, you need to buy the correct bulb that will fti them (sounds like you want the blue/white bulb). Whitney has those too if you want to order them at the same time or you can take the lamps down to your local auto store to make sure you get the right size.

    If your new lamp sockes are plastic make sure you stay within the watt range specified. Otherwise the heat from the bulbs will melt your new sockets.

    Wear gloves to insert the bulbs (oils from your hands will damage the bulb when it gets hot), and then install the new assembly where the old seal beams were.

    Ta Da.... all done.. now wait for sundown and see the difference.

    Source(s): www.jcwhitney.com
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    1 decade ago

    have them here http://painintheexhaust.blogspot.com/ look under custom parts and i think they are listed with fog lights. has many options for the 89 t-bird

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