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my boyfriend of two years has left an went out of town with another woman ....?

this is not the first time this has happen. he also got another girl pregnant while we were together. he is on his way home from with the other girl. he promise me that it is over but i just dont no should take him back cause i love him so much him an his family an two kids i treat them like i treay my own child. he is older than me but it seem he other way around.

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    Why are you acting like his maid?

    He just want you to take care of his kids..

    while you doing that he was 'doing' some other girl..

    shame on him if he fool you once,

    shame on you if he fool you twice,

    and again and again and again..

    think about yourself for once..

    someone as good as you probably deserve someone better..

  • Zloar
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    1 decade ago

    My goodness... be glad he's gone and be glad none of his babies are yours. There's plenty of great guys out there who won't cheat on you or leave town. You deserve better! The more time you spend away the more you should see that loving a man that mistreats you is more of an addiction than real love. Don't worry about his kids and don't look back... they're his kids and if he doesn't want to treat a woman right when she opens her heart to his kids, their pain is his problem not yours. Good luck and stay strong!

  • Gnome
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    1 decade ago

    Apparently, you don't much care what he does, at least from what you have written here sofar.

    ?? So, what exactly would you have us say??

    If you love drama in your life, then you had best stay with this guy, because he is playing games with you, your life, and his family.

    Just from what you're saying, he doesn't give a hoot about you, but you are being naive about it all, and just going on like nothing is wrong.

    Wake up!!!

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    if he loved you, he wouldnt go out of town with another woman. do you honestly think nothing happened between them. this guy knows you will keep taking him back everytime he cheats on you, so thats why he does it. you need to end this relationship and move on, even if it seems hard. you will continue to be used by this guy until you kick him to the curb.

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    Dont keep him. Find a new man that only wants you as his girlfriend. Why would you even talk to a guy that cheated on u? like got another woman pregant? Find a guy that respects you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago are really waiting for him and serious would consider letting him come back???? You need to get some serious help there girl....change the locks and don't take his calls...what are you waiting for him to leave and not come back or to come back and give you some disease....don't be a doormat for this guy...he is using you to the max! Good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What you have isn't love, it is obsession. You obviously don't love yourself so there is no way you can love someone else. I suggest you seek therapy for your extremly low self esteem. He very obviously does NOT love you, he is using you and will continue to do so as long as you allow him to. Grow up, get a back bone and don't allow this leech into your life again.

  • ?
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    what r u thinking u should have been left him alone come on there r 2 many men out here to b stuck with 1 like that get someone who wil respect and appreciate u and wants to b with u hes gonna keep doing u like he is as long as u accept it

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    hey Marion

    wow it seem you must like to be treated like a door mat dont you

    what are you doing with this really need to move on in life and for get about this guy in less you like getting hurt.and like being used like a door mat

  • IMHO
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    Sure take him back. And keep taking him back. No matter what. No matter how bad it makes you feel...just take him back.

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