How much of vodka is lethal? to what point can someone drink who is around 180 pounds before dying?

oh - and lets pretend this person has never drank before.

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    when i find out i will send u a letter from the grave

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    It depends greatly upon metabolic factors. There is no "set amount".

    It is dependent upon factors like how much alcohol consumed over how much time (all vodkas are not the same proof). How well your liver can convert alcohols into other substances, and how quickly your kidneys and lungs can dump excess alcohol.

    If you are considering this as a potential method for suicide or murder, I would think otherwise. It is a very unpredictable concept, because many people just cannot tolerate anywhere near that much alcohol, and will simply vomit it up, and not allow you to consume any more (without further vomiting.) This, I think, would be especially true of first-time drinkers.



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    That really depends on the sex, and if they ate before. It also depends on their metabolism. Alcohol can depress the central nervous system, causing them to quit breathing. It can also lead to vomiting, which can be inhaled into the lungs causing death. This is how John Belushi died, as well as other stars and musicians, and countless other people.

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    eating spirits (any spirits) until you "very very nearly" die consists of the threat that your physique won't accept as true with the calculations and you will as a result die. the quantity you could drink relies upon on your age, weight, intercourse and adventure of eating alcohol. eating a bottle of vodka could kill a easy-weight baby yet be no longer something to a huge guy who drinks frequently.

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    # .35% BAC: This blood alcohol level is the level of surgical anesthesia; you may stop breathing.

    # .40% BAC: You are probably in a coma. The nerve centers controlling your heartbeat and respiration are slowing down.

  • Thomas
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    two liters in one hour should be lethal or near lethal, for a non-drinker 180 lbs

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    get a full bottle down them in less than an hour and leave them drowning unconscious in their own vomit and that will be that

    better yet half voldka and half antifreeze

    duh! .... dont drink more than about 6 shots per hour if you want to live and dont drive

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    Ok, we are pretending here. when you get knee crawling, commode hugging drunk, would you still have sense enough to get out of the rain, probably not. This answer is not pretend.

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    Depends on how how his body is talerant to the liquor, and how your body will react to the alcohol. ANd if your healthy I would say 2 bottles and the most.

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    probably 10 shots (I had 8 in a hour and passed out drunk and I weigh less but have drunk before) but don't go to it really.

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