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Has anyone ever been professionally fit for a bra?

I've heard it makes a huge difference (no pun intended)...

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    It does! It makes all the difference!! Most women guess at their size and where bras that don't fit, and are uncomfortable. Nordstrom's and Victoria's Secret does a great job of finding you a cute bra that fits like it should!

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    I have been firt for a bra and it works wonders! I have DD breasts and I was wearing a C before I got fitted. The C didnt look bad physically, but I always had red marks from the bra digging into my skin. Most lingerie stores will fit fit you, but the one I would probably recommed would have to be Victoria's Secret becuase they are specially trained to fit you for a bra and then pick out one that would look best for your size. Now that I got fitted I have no more pain, and my shirts fit a lot better then they did.

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    Yes because I lost a bet & I had to walk out of Victoria's Secret wearing the red bra and bad thing I was wearing a white shirt so everybody could see

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    Yes it does! I got my fitting at Nordstrom. They were wonderful. I actually went up a cup size so I was quite please. I feel like I look better too now that the girls are in place:)

    I would recommend it!

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    Victoria's Secret is the best place to do it

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    yes i have at victoria secret( by the way i am a girl) im on my brothers acount.

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    yes if victoria secrets and nordstroms counts

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    No, but I would like to

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    No, but it sounds awesome! You go girl! xD

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