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Female response appreciated?

A friend of mine recently was diagnosed with diabetes, he was put on a diet and was given insulin shots and oral medication. The problem is his libido

is getting weaker, he had tried e/d meds but they're not working. he wanted me to

ask if you could tell him what can he do sexually to continue the intimacy with

his women, and if this would satisfy you if you was in his women situation.

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    Since I'm not a guy, I'm not sure what he could do sexually to "continue his intimacy", but I know I would probably not be satisfied or happy about it if I could not have intercourse with him anymore; however if I really loved him I would stay with him anyway, and try to help him any way I could. In a good relationship there are always obstacles you have to get through together, and any good woman understands this.

    And yes, he can do things to please a woman (manual or oral stimulation, etc) without having sex... but I'd still miss the sex. It would not be a deciding factor in a good relationship though.

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    Personally i would take his condition into consideration, i mean if i was his girlfriend i would love him no matter what. Certainly ask for medical advice but if he's only recently been diagnosed then i would wait a while longer for the medication he's been given already to work. Maybe his intimacy with 'his women' can tame down a bit. His health should certainly come first!!

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    my husband is also a diabetic and our sex life has suffered severley because of it. He can and should discuss this with his doc but in the meantime when it comes to making his woman feel better he can always do more than just have sex. She will need to be taken care of or it will damage the relationship, oral sex, foreplay of any kind, even just reaasurring petting is good just don't let her begin to wonder if it's not really the diabetes but thier relationship causing the problem or she may get fed up and walk.

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    To be brutally truthful, i imagine that rings (Tiffany's or no longer) is too own for a relationship of this nature. you don't recognize her too properly, and also you do not rather associate inclusive of her outside of work. i'd flow with the Tiffany headband. all of us is acquainted with that Tiffany's is severe priced so that you received't could concern looking inexpensive. i imagine the present playing cards with monetary value on it isn't merely impersonal, yet may make her imagine you're a "vast shot". understanding that you spent $2 hundred.00 on her may make her experience uncomfortable. I also do not imagine that you may not get the youngsters some thing. If she is a nanny and the youngsters are not any further hers, its awkward that you'll purchase them some thing. those youngsters will then convey those presents abode to their mothers and fathers. There mothers and fathers will opt for a proof as to the position they got here from. this can actual get her in worry - accepting presents from strangers. ultimately, and not in any respect to be offencive, i do no longer like the conception of the e book. She may imagine that you imagine she is a charity case. this is a really undemanding thanks to offend her. extraordinarily because you don't recognize her own lifestyles that properly, it could be incorrect of you to assume that she does in truth have a difficulty. i do not imagine that you may flow with the e book in any respect. desire this helps you come back to a range!

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    He can do oral sex, use toys, massages, put more emphasis on foreplay. If done right, yes, it would satisfy me. Anything to make the love of my life feel better. Wish him luck.

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    Sorry to hear about your friend, good luck to him.

    Sex is not everything a women is looking for. We like to be romanced, appreciated. Not all women are only looking at the sex of a relationship. If his women loves him then she will be there for him thru thick and thin.

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    YOU did not say how old he was, depends on his-her can tell him for me, CUDDLEING , HUGS , CLOSENESS MEANS A LOT....holding hands in the grocery store, just alot of tenderness goes a long way....i hope that helps your friend out..

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    he can still have intamacy with his girls, but i think he should also be really open to what his girlfriend or whoever needs.... hopefully they will have good communication in bed. and hopefully he keeps his positive attitude about wanting to please.

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    It is your friend? Sure---it is. Anyway, better for him to ask his doctor.

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    tell him I want him to burn in hell. :)

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