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Weird questions about maternity/pregnancy and underpants. Got an answer?

1. I was just about to sort through my underwear drawer and toss out the stuff that's starting to get a bit ratty. I stopped, though: I'm pregnant, and it occurred to me that these are the things I might want to wear without worrying about bleeding on after delivery. How realistic is that?

2. Pregnancy magazines keep making odd comments about pregnancy/maternity/post-partum underwear choices invariably being of the big ugly plain variety. Huh? I mean, I'm not into nylon thongs at the moment and could see how those would go out the window, but normal cotton string bikinis surely have a place -- or is there something I'm missing? What about motherhood requires granny panties?

3. For guys reading this question: yeah, uh, I know. And, no, it's probably not what women usually talk about when they're alone, or else I'd know the answers.

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    During pregnancy I wore maternity bikini underwear which I found at the Motherhood Store. I am sure that as you grow out of your normal bikinis, it would work just fine if you went up a size it would accommodate you as the underwear rides under your belly anyways. My butt got bigger, but you may not have to change sizes anyways. I hated having anything restrictive over my belly so bikinis were awesome. As for postpartum, I would definitely keep old underwear because you can only wear tampons. You don't want to stain any new underwear...all women know that pads aren't the most wonderful things to have!!

    There is absolutely nothing requiring mothers to wear granny panties!! I still wear thongs and only stopped wearing thongs during pregnancy because I was not spending the money at Victoria's Secret for something that might not fit after my pregnancy!!

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    They make maternity thongs so nothing requires granny panties.

    Don't worry about your underwear, wear whatever you're comfortable with.

    I used to wear thongs often but as my pregnancy went along boy shorts became the greatest thing ever.

    And you may bleed pretty heavily after you have the baby. I didn't bleed much heavier than a heavy (for me) period, which isn't heavy at all compared to most people. If the underwear aren't too ratty I'd hold on to them for just a bit.

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    I hated those maternity panties. They went up to my chest! I went with some Hanes bikini cut and they stayed low on my hips so they weren't stretched out by my big ol' belly. As far as bleeding after delivery, you could keep a few pair for "just in case" but if you deliver at the hospital or order a birthing kit for a homebirth, you'll usually get some mesh underwear that will work for those monster pads right after birth. Bottom line, wear what's comfortable!

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    I kept underwear that I didn't mind getting ruined too. I figure why ruin something I actually like?

    I continued to wear thongs until my last 4 weeks when they became uncomfortable and I started having heavier discharge. The only thing that matters is that they fit comfortably UNDER your belly. You don't want the band digging into your tummy. Otherwise wear what you like.

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    As long as you're comfortable, it doesn't matter what you wear under your clothes, lol. It's not a bad idea to keep those older undergarments, especially if your weight gain is all baby; you might be able to wear them out of the hospital. I couldn't, but I know women that have so it's a good idea.

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    thats a great idea! kinda like our "period panties" we all keep around? and after your weight goes back to normal, off to vickie's secret you can go! oh, and fyi, you do NOT want anything rubbing around down there for a few weeks after birth. even womens underwear irritated me, so i bought a few pairs of mens briefs. VERY comfortable, the cotton is twice as thick and they fit great!

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    stay with the underwear that is already raggedy but is cotton. It's a terrible thing to have a yeast infection while recovering from child birth.

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    Yes you may want to save those old ones for after delivery, I bled for 3 wks after mine and it was nice to have old underwear that I didn't care about.

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    I did the same thing..I kept my ratty one for post partum! As long as you like them and they're comfy for you..who cares! It's not like people can see through your pants or anything lol! GOOD LUCK & CONGRATS

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