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I am 28 and my husband is 31. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeeks (no heartbeat) did a D&C, suction. Two months later I had a chemical pregnancy, HCG 13, got my period a few days late. My doctor says me and my husband are healthy and there is no need to worry, what happened to me were flukes of nature. "(all hormones, clotting info numbers are great). He will give me progesterone next time i am pregnant incase my placenta doesn't develop sufficiently, he was very reassuring. Me, I am freaking out. SO scraed that I am doomed to infertility. I want kids so bad..I feel very discouraged. Is an IVF on the way for me? :(

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    I understand your discouragement.It took me 3 yrs to get pregnant when i first started trying for a baby(it was natural conception)And i lost that pregnancy at around 8 wks,i got pg 4 mos later and lost that pregnancy as well but around 10 wks.So i kept trying and finally got pregnant 6mos after that and had an immediate m/c again.I was very devastated and thought i was doomed but i found out also my progesterone was low and that most likely caused my m/c and so when i finally got pg 2 yrs after that i was on progesterone shots and was finally able to carry my baby.Just try to hang in there hard as it is.The progesterone really helped me be able to carry my baby so it will work for you when you conceive again,just hang in there.

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    Don't be discouraged. I m/c at 8 weeks and I know how hard it is. I had to go the infertility route... and there are so many things before you get to IVF. All I did was take letrozole which is like clomid to assist in ovulation 5 days out of my cycle. I had some ultrasounds to insure we didn't miss ovulation.. but you wouldn't even have to do that. You obviously have no problem getting pregnant.. so progesterone might be key in helping you keep a pregancy. As soon as you get that positive test have your dr. check your progesterone levels.

    Best of luck... I'm 5 weeks now so there is hope after a miscarriage... I'm still scared, but we'll both have babies soon!!

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    I'm 32 yrs now. Read some of my prior Answers... I had 4 m/s btwn the age of 22 - 27. If there was anyone who thought they would never have a child that was me. On the verge of leaving the Love of my life because I didn't want him to be stuck with someone who couldn't give him children and then one day (we had distance relationship) I had to call him up and tell him I was pregnant again but I was spotting. I almost knew I was going to lose it again. At 4-5 wks I had spotting sometimes bright red sometimes brown... My sister recommended some progestrone creme and at this point I was willing to try anything! The dr's could find anything wrong. So I bought this stuff knowing it helped my sister greatly regulate her chemical imbalance, she gets PMS really bad, the Dr put her on a low grade birthcontrol but that made her nuts (worse). She's been using the creme for close to 10 yrs now and she notices the change if she goes without it. Anyway so as soon as she recommended it I went to the health food store (Whole Foods) and bought the stuff applied it right away hoping it would absorb really fast, the next week I took time off of work, relax did nothing strenuous, still had spotting but it was only brown at this point and very little, I was hesitant going back to work because I could see I was doing ok had very little cramping, I continued with the creme and still had minimal spotting and I made it out of my 1st trimester... my b/friend (now hubby) was just as excited as I was and we finally got to share the news with everyone... At 28yrs (me) hubb (26)We had our healthy (I mean real healthy 8lbs 9oz)baby boy and then 3 months after that we found out we were pregnant again (another healthy boy). I'm guessing because I was breastfeeding my 1st son and still producing large amounts of progestrone (not using the creme at this time) thats how I kept the second pregnancy. Some how the progestrone allows the uterine to maybe be stronger during implantation.

    Sad to say I had recently found out I was pregnant again (5wks, read prior anwers) and thought hey since I had 2 kids already I should be 'normal'. Well over the weekend I just lost (m/s) the pregnancy. I'm guessing I don't produce enough progestrone or have a weak uterus and that progestrone really helps. Dr still can't tell me why this happens but at any rate my husband and I trying 1ce more (hoping for a little girl).

    Before you go the shots route you should really try the progestrone creme, its natural, it really works, at least I really think that is the issue. They have a couple of brands they sell at health stores (thats where I buy mine) and my sister orders hers online from Arbonne. I've tried both and I think they work just as equally. Don't get down on yourself, you'll have your blessed one soon. Use the creme at least a month (best results 2 mos) before your ovulation time. You have to let me know if that works for you because then that will be true verdict if this stuff works or not. email me anytime. Take care, relax and have faith... God has a plan for you.

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    I think you should check out I have posted there for a couple years in the IVF section, but they have areas for people with recurrent miscarriages and the women there are so knowledgeable and helpful. I see you have had hormone tests and clotting tests. Have you had chromosomal tests? I would check out the site as the ladies on FT will definitely have some advice on what to do and what to look for. I am really sorry for your pain, and I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

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    I would say you have just been unlucky so far. Its easy to say but you need to put things to the back of you mind and move on. My best friend and husband tried for 3years to get pregnant and in the end were referred for IVF. She was stressing all the time and her whole mood changed once that letter for IVF appointment landed on the door mat. She was so excited and happy and the most relaxed I had seen her in months. On the day they went for IVF she was told by the doctor they would not be giving her the treatment, when she finally stopped crying, they replied " you don't need it, your pregnant".... This is true. There daughter is now 3years old and everything went fine. Its hard but relax, enjoy the practicing, don't make everything seem like a mission.

    Good luck xx

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    Iam sorry but you arent infertiile! you havebeen able to get preggo . I have a friend that got progeston shots and has a healthy boy .you will be good

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    stop everything and try Ovulex it works and is guaranteed i tryed it go here it is so worth it believe me Ive been trying for a VERY long time myself good luck

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    awww -hug- Keep trying, you will get that bundle of joy.

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