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What is BEER FLIP CUPS or whatever it is??

just curious

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    We call it tippy cup and you get equal teams (sometimes not, girls can call handicaps) on opposite sides of a table, ping pong table is best. Fill your plastic cup with some beer and set it on the table.

    The first players grab their cups on "GO" and drink it, then set the cup on the edge of the table and flick the bottom of the cup so that it flips over and lands on its mouth.

    Once the cup lands on its mouth the next player on the team goes and so on.

    The first team to get their last designated player's cup to flip and land on its mouth wins.

    Messy but fun!

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    Flip Cup Song

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    The best game near the end of the evening is: you vote on who is the most hammered, give him/her the car keys, and then you all pile into a car and see how fast he can go on the interstate without having an accident!

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    Flipper, Flippy Cup, Taps, Tippy Cup, Cups, Canoe, Turbos or Turbo Cups, is a team-based drinking game. Effectively a drinking relay race, it is the North-American equivalent of a boat race. The two teams stand on both sides of a table, facing one other (the person in front of you is your opponent). In front of each teammate is a cup filled with an arbitrary amount of any kind of liquid (often beer). You and your opponent both have the same amount of liquid. At the start of the race, the first member of each team drinks his or her beverage. When finished, the cup is placed right side up at the edge of the table, and the person who drank it tries to flip it upside down onto the table. If he or she is not successful on the first try, the cup must be reset and reflipped. Only after the first teammate is done flipping the cup successfully, can the next person proceed. Whichever team finishes drinking and flipping all its cups first is the winner. In the case of a tie, the last person on each team will partake in a tie breaker. The tiebreaker consists of the two final players having their own round with one cup each. The first to successfully flip their cup wins the round for the team.

    Variations can also include the substitution or removal of one or more players from the losing team. See below for the many variations of this game.

    Standard Game Rules

    A standard match consists of anywhere from 4 to 8 players per team. Once you have been placed on a team you cannot switch until after the match is completed. Each team picks a side of the table they want to be on and then each player will fill their cup with a small amount of beer. There is no official amount of beer, but a good rule of thumb is to go up to the first line of your plastic cup if there is any debate.

    Designate one end of the table as the starting end, and the other as the anchor end. The first player at the starting side will be assigned cup #1 and so on down the line. The game starts when both player #1s tap each other's cup and then tap the table (also known as "The Gentleman's Start"). From there, each player #1 will drink the amount of beer in the cup. Then they will place the cup FACE UP on the edge of the table and proceed to flip the cup until it lands FACE DOWN. Then player #2 can drink their beer and proceed to flip, and so on down the line until all team members have flipped. The first team to flip all of their cups wins that game.

    If 2 cups on opposing sides land at the same time, you go to a tie breaker known as JUNGLE RULES (see below). Remember, if 2 cups hit the table at the same time, it is the cup that settles first that wins.

    The winner of the match is the first team to reach the designated amount of game victories. If there are 4 players on each team, the first team to 4 games wins the match. If there are 5 players on each team, the first team to 5 games wins the match, and so on. This method will give every player the chance to start a round. And as always, you must win by 2 games.

    [edit] Jungle Rules

    Jungle Rules is when everyone at the table participates at the same time. The entire table will Gentleman's Start, then everyone will flip. The first team to have every team member flip their cup will win.

    Survivor Flip Cup Rules

    Survivor follows the same general rules as a standard match, except after each game the losing team votes off a player. The rest of the team will have to make up for the loss by 1 player drinking 2 cups. So if there were 5 players initially playing and then they vote 1 off, the 4 remaining players would have to still account for 5 cups and so on until 1 player would have 5 cups. You keep playing until one team is out of players.

    With all of the moving around that goes on with Survivor there needs to be a consistent method for starting. To do this you always stay in cup order. Whoever has cup #1 starts, then after a player is voted off, whoever has cup #2 starts. It is possible that the same person could start all of the games depending on what cups they are accountable for.

    [edit] King Of The Table Rules (KOT)

    (also known as Elimination Flip Cup)

    This can be described as a combination of Survivor and Jungle rules. You can have as many players as your table will hold. The whole table will Gentleman's Start and the last player to flip their cup is voted off. This will continue until 1 player is left, and they are the King of the Table.

    A very important rule of KOT is that once the game starts you cannot leave the table until you either lose, or the game is over. With so many people playing it is important to keep the game moving.

    Power Flip Hour Rules

    Perhaps the most lethal of all the Flip Cup games. With this game you do a Power Hour (drink one shot of beer every minute for an entire hour) but instead of just drinking the beer, all participants must flip after drinking, much like KOT. The last player to flip must drink an additional shot of beer.

    [edit] Cheating

    If two hands are used to flip or guide the cup, it is an illegal flip. Only one hand is permitted to make the flip. The non-flipping hand may act strictly as balance assistance for the cup on the edge of the table. Sometimes you are forced to play on tables with "less than ideal" edges, so it is necessary for added support. This in no way is meant to help guide the cup during the flip, just to keep it from falling off of the table. Also, the non-flipping hand must remain completely still during the flip if it is used for balance assistance. This will eliminate any debate about it being used as a guide. The only time contact with the cups by 2 hands is allowed is to place the cup on the edge or to re-set the cup if a complete flip is not made.

    Common Variations

    Stanford Climb

    This is a one on one multiple cup race. Players start at the bottom of the stairs and use each stair in the flight as a table ledge, working your way to the top, where the first player to the top is the winner. You may make your own rules about physical contact.

    [edit] Kentucky Hardcore

    Simple variation in which players must refill their glass after every missed flip. Best for small games played in chicken coops. Players should have another full cup (can, or bottle) ready to refill their "flip cup."

    [edit] Full Cup Flip Cup

    Only for the truly hardened liver, and generally not encouraged for female players, all players fill the cup to the top for each round. When combined with Survivor Flip cup, this can be particularly ****-face-inducing.

    [edit] Down and Back (aka: Two Laps)

    In a midwestern variation of the game, each player must drink and successfully flip a total of two cups. Play proceeds down the line from the first player to the anchor as normal. Upon successflly flipping a cup, the player refills it with the regulation quantity of beer. The anchor, after successfully flipping the cup, then drinks a second cup of beer (usually a separate cup, prepared in advance, to save time), and play proceeds back towards the first player. This puts a great deal of pressure on the anchor player, who must complete two flips back to back. While the anchor player is no longer a true anchor (the player who wins the game for the team), the position is crucial, and is usually occupied by the strongest drinker/flipper on the team.

    Hockey Start

    The "Hockey Start" is merely a way of making sure the lead players on both teams start drinking at the same time. Both players tap their filled cup on the table and then "clink" their cups together before beginning to drink. Alternatively, the players may repeat the tap-clink pattern three times before drinking. The Hockey Start is so named due to its resemblance to the start of a street hockey "face off."

    [edit] Flip Master

    A simple variation in which the cup's normal half-flip is replaced with a full one-and-a-half flip motion. This variant is considerably more difficult and frustrating, and is usually only attempted when most or all players involved are at least generally sober.

    [edit] Sailing

    As everyone is aware, flip cup is deeply rooted in the sailing community. Through this relationship there have been several niche specific tweaks to the game.

    1) Traditional start is replaced with a "Race Committee" who is responsible for getting teams matched up, starting, calling finishes, and keeping the game moving. The quality of the game is only as good as the RC that runs it.

    2)The starting sequence is made fair by ensuring all player's hands are away from their cups. Example: In the midwest it's "Guys, Grab your *****! Girls! Grab your ****!..." The "deep water" start is where players have hands inside pants for men and up shirts for women. This is entertaining and fair.

    3)The ability to protest the other team for going out of turn, spilling too much beer or not having a regulation amount of beer. All protests are heard on site by the RC. The verdict is usually determined by a 2 cup x 2 cup, 1 vs 1 flip off.

    Western Style Showdown

    This game follows rules similar to KOT. It can be played with teams, but is much better with individuals. Cram as many people around the table as it will hold. Everyone has one cup ready to go in front of them.

    * 1)One person will lead the game and announce "Guns up! Put your guns in the air!" On this command all players will make 'pistols' out of their hands (forming and L with index and thumb on both hands) and raise them in the air.

    * 2)Once everyone has their 'guns' up, the leader will say "Holster your weapons" or something to that effect. Everyone shall begin to move their hands towards their hips.

    * 3)THIS IS IMPORTANT! Once EVERY PLAYER has their hands touching their hips (in their 'holsters'), then it is just like a quick-draw western showdown. ANYONE can then make a move towards their cup to drink and flip. Once the first person goes (and it can be anyone that chooses to go at any time) EVERYONE goes. The last one to flip is out.


    + It is important to remember some folks may choose to holster their guns slowly and others immediately so all players must be damn sure everyone is in their holsters. A false start means you drink an entire beer and causes disqualification.

    [edit] Chants

    Often when playing flip cup using standard rules, chants are screamed out by playing members to initiate the game. Note-cups must remain on table until chants have been completed, then drinking begins immediately. Chants include:

    * "Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get ****** up it's flippy cup time."

    * Soccer chant while clapping: "Ole, ole ole ole, ole, ole...Boatracing!" Starts off with a slow clap that gets faster and faster as the contests yell.

    * Based on World of Warcraft player Leeroy Jenkins: "Alright, thumbs up, lets do this. Leeroy Jenkins!" (must be screamed and the name dragged out i.e. "Leeerrrooyyy Jenkins!")

    [edit] "Professional" Tournaments

    2006 World Series of Flip Cup at Kisling's Tavern in Baltimore, MD.


    2006 World Series of Flip Cup at Kisling's Tavern in Baltimore, MD.

    National Flip Cup tournaments are held in the United States. Since the drinking age in the United States is currently 21 in all states, entry into most tournaments is restricted to players who meet this age requirement. began promoting and organizing The World Series of Flip Cup in June 2006 and held the event in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 7, 2006 at Kisling's Tavern [1]. Team "We're Better Than You" won the event.

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