How does a psp work?

I have a few questions about it

1. How do you use the internet on it?

2. How do you get your music on it?

3. Is it any fun?

4.Do you reccomend i buy 1?

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    1 decade ago
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    I have a PSP, so here are my answers.

    1. You have to have wireless interent, and you have to buy a router. Once you do that, you can call your internet provider for information about the passwords you need.

    2. To get music on your PSP, attach teh PSP to the USB cord and put it on USB mode. Then go to My Computer, go to the Removable Drive, and open the "PSP" folder. Make a new folder called music, and then drag music into there from your other folders.

    3. Yeah it's really fun.

    4. I do reccomend you buy one

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    to use the internet on it u must turn the side button on it s like on the bottom left on the side of it and din the menu click internet,go through the options and click scan to find a wireless netwok to useif it finds one click it goe through the rest of the options and it will connect if the signal is strong enough

    music you must buy a usb cable or take the memory stick and put in a slot in the comp not the monitor,(the one for camera sticks and stuff)open the file when the menu pops up ,cilck psp folder,make a folder in the psp folder called MUSIC , must be capital and drag the music in.psp is fun,it s a miniature ps2 man thats fun!there also $250 so its your choice to get it.

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    1. use a wireless connection and connect. different buttons have diff. funxons. just play around w/ it & ull get the hang of it.

    2. Download music to a file on your computer and then hook up the psp via usb cable. The psp memory stick acts as a removable disc and you just move the file to the removable disc.

    3. It's alot of fun

    4. I'd get one. I love mine.

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