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Where the Stone Roses the British pop equivalent to USA Pixies?

Pixies spawned many bands from their sound... Garage blues indie rock... Kurt Cobain had been known to say that his band, Nirvana, was nothing more than a Pixies cover band...

Stone Roses... Spawned Brit pop from thier sound... Pulp, Oasis, The Verve... It has been said that The Verve met at a Stone Roses show...

These two bands, oceans apart, helped form musical movements of the early/late 1990's (America- Grunge/garage rock/indie... Britian- Brit pop, shoegazer, indie)... Are they the same in that manner? Whose is your fav- Pixies or Stone Roses? WHo has done more to the musical landscape?

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    Stone Roses and Pixies were, no doubt,an awesome bands.But my fave.of this period (may be a little bit earlier) were The Jesus And Mary Chain.If Nirvana was a Pixies cover band,then Stone Roses was a Jesus... cover band.(It's only my personal opinion).

    P.S. Good and serious question.Thanks.

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    I'm from America and love the Stone Roses. If not for them, there'd be no bands like Ride or Oasis. That would not have been good (for me, at least).

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