What is the best state to work in as a teacher?

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    You should really consider pay/cost of living ratio. Yes, California and Conneticut are nice states that pay teachers nicely however, could you afford to buy a house there? Probably not!!!! Cost of living is the biggest factor in determining teacher salary so if you see some areas that pay a lot more make sure you check the cost of living in that area. You also have to decide if you want to teach in an affluent of poor school setting. I can tell you that starting teachers in Duval County FL (Jacksonville) make $35,400. You can go to county school board websites and look up pay scales for that county. Also, since pay is a non-negotioable issue, make sure you get what you want in a school! There is such a teacher shortage in many states that you will have the opportunity to interview schools instead of them interviewing you. !!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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    Not Colorado. Even as a Special Education teacher who is qualified to teach K-12, I still had a difficult time find a job! Plus, there are very few (if any) incentives to non-native teachers.

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    It truely depends on what you determine to be the "best" perk of teaching. If you're looking for money or influence you're going to be looking around NY, CA, or TX because their schools have a lot of pull in the US. If you're looking to go where there's a teaching shortage you might look in the Carolinas or IN...maybe you're looking for a great state benefits package, maybe you're looking to be near home, or maybe as far from home as possible, maybe you want to get some federal student loans forgiven, maybe you want a good benefits package, maybe you want longer summer vacations, maybe you want....who knows. if you're looking for a material perk then it really just depends on what is important to you. one thing does remain the same across the board, however. EVERY state has kids who NEED a devoted teacher who want nothing more than for them to be successful in life.

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    I am a teacher... CT is the highest paying state in the country, any big city is always looking for teachers no matter where you live... the south is also looking because they pay so horrible.

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    Not Florida - unless you want to live near the beach so much that you'll accept low pay, exhorbitant housing costs and a state legislature that micromanages education through high stakes testing.

    We do have really great beaches, though :)

    Source(s): Teacher in Clearwater, FL
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    There is currently a teacher shortage here in Indiana...

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    Catatonic state

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    You should come over here to Wales because it rox! And then you can learn how to speak Welsh too!

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    i would think ohio...they supposedly have some of the best school systems. but, if you were going for where they need them the most, try anywhere in the south.

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