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Drinking Raw Eggs?

Is it dangerous? Could I get sick from it?? I know a lot of people usually do it for all the protein, but I was just wondering if it is possible to do it without getting sick or anything like that. II'm 17 if that matters...


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    you'll get the same amount of protein if you just cook them.

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    There's some risk of food poisoning. If you're in good health it's unlikely to do you much harm - but there's always a risk.

    The other question is why you'd want to do this. If it's for the protein, whey protein concentrate compares well on price to decent quality eggs, is at least as good a source of protein, there won't be the same risk of food poisoning, and whey will taste better in shakes etc.

    If you're eating raw eggs for the taste, on the other hand, fair enough (I occasionally eat raw egg whites in mousse, or raw yolks in mayo). I wouldn't bother eating raw eggs for health, though...

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    Could be dangerous. Salmonella can be in raw eggs. Lots of other ways to get protein safely. Stop drinking raw eggs.

  • Well, in Japan most people drink raw eggs in the morning and they have the highest life expectancy rate.

    But a recent study shows that roughly 0.03% of produced eggs are contaminated with salmonella.

    So its you're choice.

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    There is a danger of salmonela if you're drinking raw eggs, I think.

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    You will get sick most likely, unless they're eggs your own hen layed, but even then it's REALLY risky! DONT DO IT!!

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