Does anyone no of any software that can be used to make software?

Me and my brother are interested in making some educational math software. I've ran across some software used to make 3d games for people with little to no progamming experience. But I'm sure that type of software is not applicable for what were trying to accomplish!.

Also, the type of software that we need has to be able to let us include 3d images from other software like 3dsmax.

Note that we are willing to spend top dollar.

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    There are some active projects to build softwares that can be used to make software, like MDA in OMG or Excutable UML but for your goal it might be a good idea to learn a simple yet powerful programming language, like Java, Basic, C#, Pascal...

    Modern Programming languages have IDE (Integrated Development Environment) support that can help you to build your software. like Eclipse for Java, Visual Studio for Basic and C# and Delphi for Pascal

    To wrap it up:

    1- Your choice must has enogh multi media support

    2- Must be RAD (Rapid Application Development), It means facilities for fast development

    3- Easy to learn

    -Eclipse is free but it's not easy

    -Visual Basic is easy and you can download version 6 for free

    -Delphi is my favorite and there are lots of ready-to-use components on the Internet. But it's not free

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    You'll have to learn how to program. You'll also have to decide which "language" you want to program in. The more powerful (the more things you can do with and the more operating systems it'll work on) the harder the language is to learn.

    This will NOT be a part time endeavor. (after all some people spend 4-10 years in college learning how to do this - of course some people have a knack for it and pick it up on their own, but for them it's still ahrd and takes years to learn).

    Avoid MS products for anything except maybe using VisualBasic forlearnig the basics of Object Oriented Programing and then move on to either Java or C++

    Why avoid MS? Because they try to hem you into designing for Windows only. Because they want all software to only work on windows.

    If your application is to have anything to do with the internet you definetly want to avoid MS as they only work on MS servers which cost up to 20 times as much and don't work very well.

    Ever think about trying to recruit a volunteer?

    Good Luck!

    P.S. This is why software costs so much!

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    There many softwares that can make another software with such as Visual Basic which is the famous one. You can download this program from Microsoft website. Search this "Visual Basic Express" in the website u'll find the download link.

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    That kind of software you are looking at is pricy. I suggest getting it at Dell business section at

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