trying to set up yahoo to check email and send from my outlook 2002?

I have followed the yahoo directions for setting up on outlook 2002 and 2003. But it keeps getting errors upon sending and receiving.. I went to the other settings and set the authentication, (sorry if missspelt) but still won't work.. any other suggestions. I even changed the outgoing mail server to then one suggested in the yahoo help area, but still won't work.. what else can I do???


okay, I have set it up using new, etc... and the pop3 for yahoo and the smtp site, but it keeps asking me my password, and I keep retyping it in, but it says that yahoo is not recognizing my user name or password, which is correct.. I have re-typed it 3-4 times.. does this really work? or is it another ploy to make us think it

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  • 1 decade ago
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    On Outlook you go to option then to new email setting then type in your account ID and your password. On the POP, type in On your SMTP type in then ok. I hope this is your Priovder server to get online, I have, you can also check on go to option then check the list it will tell you about pop and smtp. I hope that will help you.

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