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i want to go to a all you can eat reaturant is it bad to go alone?

what time is the best time to go?

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    Of course you can go by yourself. No one cares.

    If you saw someone in a restaurant by themselves, you wouldn't give them a lot of thought, would you?

    The best time to go is when there are a lot of people, as the food hasn't been staging for that long.

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    No, no one cares, most are too focused on the food and what others think. I had to go out to eat for a school assignment, by myself. It's not as bad as I thought, never tried it at an all you can eat, but people focus less on others there, so go for it.

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    It's better to go with a friend so that you will be able to restraint yourself since you have company with you. Why don't you go to a brunch buffett, since buffetts have lots of different food and the price is fixed. Best would be afternoon... have never heard of buffett courses served in the morning.

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    Best time to go is when there is a crowd because then you know the food hasnt been sitting there for long.

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    it can work ether way!1 u can go bye your self and eat salad,fruit,and fat free food .just watch ?u eat

    2=go with some one or people who also won't to lose weight to but eat the same thing as 1

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    there is nothing wrong with going by yourself. however, if you are really worried about it, avoid "rush hour" time. 11-2 and 5-8 are the worst.

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    it's not bad to go alone to an all you can eat buffet. however:

    01. you'll probably look like a loser. no offense.

    02. you'll gorge yourself because there's no one to talk to or nothing to do except eat eat eat.

    lunch time is probably best.

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    LOL I would go like for a lunch dinner thing...its OK to go by your self....lots of people do!!!!!


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