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lpg heaters?

how much water does a n lpg ( propane) heater produce. On a cold day everything is wringing wet with condensation is the answer a heat exchanger with a vented flue

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    A heat exchanger is one of the solutions.

    LPG heaters must be vented per the codes in my State and they must be inspected for safety reasons. Carbon Monoxide issues.

    I have included a like that will point you in the correct direction:


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    The heater will produce water as a function of how much you are burning per unit of time. Maybe you don't have to know exactly.

    M question would be, is the heater listed by a credible testing laboratory for indoor use. Does the listing require a vent. I worry about a propane heater (as opposed to a propane stove) indoors. If it is not listed, it should not be used. If it is listed, conditions of the listing should be followed. Every winter we lose people to carbon monoxide poisoning from charcoal burners and gas heaters.

    Let's not have you on that list this winter.

    All things being equal, venting the combustion chamber will reduce the amount of moisture entering the air. But moisture is not the biggest concern.

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