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If you leave the Crest Strips longer than 30 minutes will the teeth get whiter?

I know that they'll get sensitive but will they get whiter?

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    Leaving them on longer than directed can give you some added benefit, but also increases the chances that you will be sensitive afterward. Other than that, there's no harm in leaving them on a bit longer. Any sensitivity you experience will be reversible. Also, most of the active ingredient in the strips will be gone after the recommended time, so the added benefit will be slight. I hope this helps.

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    I have left them for an hour and my opinion I felt a difference with them becoming whiter. My teeth were a little on the sensitive side till the next day or so. My teeth look nice an white, and I drink coffee everyday. Usually I do the strips about once every two weeks, and it does the trick. I hope you get some answers from people that are in the dental industry. I will be following up with your answers, because I am curious about this too. Good question.

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    Nope, but your teeth will disintegrate.

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    domestos is just as good...apply with a cotton bud. it takes seconds..... then brush as normal

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