When medicine is so advanced that lifespans are unlimited. Will MLB have like a 20 year limit on careers?

I know it sounds crazy but think about it. In this century we'll see many great advances and people will live a lot longer and stay healthier a lot longer.

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    This is a very interesting question... requires a little out of box thinking.

    If we ever reach his stage, I think we better start looking to the stars to feed the trillions of people inhabiting the planet. But serious issues like this aside, I wouldn't want to see a 20 year-cap on something like this.

    Imagine a pitcher like Cy Young. He was great in his time. The guy started nearly 50 games one year and pitched over 450 innings. The reason for this was that pitchers in those days didn't throw at full speed throughout the game. Same was true with Walter Johnson. Every now and again, they would unleash a hard pitch, but alot of the stuff was medium speed because they were expected to complete games.

    I'm not saying that Young, Johnson and alot of the old-time greats couldn't cut it today, but with each new generation the guys who have been playing the longest would have to compete with new and possibly better talent. So even if they could play 100 years or 1,000 years, the talent level would keep rising - pushing alot of the more experienced players right out of pro ball. It would also be hard to even be good enough to get into the league after a while - because the talent/experience had risen so high.

    At the end of the day, people want to see the best players on the field. It's true today and it would be true when Baseball meets the Sci-Fi channel:-)


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    Life spans will never be unlimited. Certainly not in this century, or the next. I bet we'll all be dead due to environmental problems before that happens.

    The MLB will never have a limit on careers.

    There is only so much that health science can do for us. Immortality is not one of them.

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    No they will just play forever unless there booted for a better player

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