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Can anyone tell me a celebrity from Guatemala..?

Name some celebrities or important people from Guatemala, plz :)

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    Rodolfo Abularach, painter

    Luis Argueta, film director

    Jacobo Arbenz, former president

    Ricardo Arjona, internationally acclaimed singer incorporating political and social satire

    Juan José Arévalo, former president

    Miguel Ángel Asturias, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature (1967).

    Justo Rufino Barrios, former dictator

    Óscar Berger Perdomo, current President

    Rafael Landivar y Cabellero (1731-1793), writer

    Luis Cardoza y Aragón, writer

    Rafael Carrera, former dictator

    Carlos Castillo Armas, former president

    Jesus Castillo, musician

    Federico Urruela, Diplomat

    Álvaro Colom Caballeros, politician

    Deborah David, fashion model

    Manuel Estrada Cabrera, former dictator

    Irma Flaquer, journalist (assassinated)

    Rodolfo Galeotti Torres, sculptor

    Manuel Gallardo, painter

    Francisco Goldman, author, Half Guatemalan Half Jewish American

    Enrique Gomez Carrillo (1873-1927), writer

    Luis González Palma, photographer

    Alfred Jensen, artist

    Robert Karimi, American poet, half Guatemalan half Iranian

    Alcina Lubitch Domecq, author

    Fernando Romeo Lucas García, former dictator

    Myrna Mack, political activist (assassinated)

    Virgilio Rodriguez Macal author

    Benito Martinez (actor), Guatemalan actor

    Susana Mercedes, fashion model turned fashion designer

    Jose Milla y Vidaurre (Salome Jil) (1822-1882), writer

    Mario Monteforte Toledo, author

    Augusto Monterroso, winner of the Prince of Asturias Award of literature (2000).

    Carlos Mérida, painter

    Edmond Mulet, UN Diplomat

    Victor Perera Guatemalan author, co-founder of the Los Angeles Jewish organization Ivri-NASAWI

    Igal Permuth, photographer

    Jaime Permuth, photographer

    Mario Permuth, lawyer, diplomat, and photographer

    Carmen de Petterson, painter

    KC Porter, multiple Grammy winning producer

    Alfonso Portillo Cabrera, former president

    Fernando Quevedo, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Cambridge England.

    Héctor Sandarti, television personality

    Ricardo Arnoldo Ramirez de León, leftist guerrilla leader (Guerrilla Army of the Poor), a.k.a. Rolando Morán.

    Efraín Ríos Montt, retired general, politician, former dictator

    Zury Ríos Sosa, congresswoman

    Eduardo Stein, Guatemalan vice-president under Oscar Berger

    Héctor Fernando Ramírez

    Elmar René Rojas, artist and architect

    Carlos Ruiz, FC Dallas soccer player

    Kevin Sandoval, Guatemalan soccer player, 1988 Summer Olympics

    Max Saravia Gual, painter

    Juan Manuel Sisay, painter

    Pablo Sweezey, sculptor

    Elías Jimenéz Trachtenberg, film director

    Rigoberta Menchú Tum, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (1992).

    Jorge Ubico, former dictator

    David Unger, author

    Ilma Julieta Urrutia Chang, Miss International 1984

    Victor Vaskestler, painter

    Harris Whitbeck, CNN correspondent

    Rafael Yela Günther, sculptor

    José Rubén Zamora, journalist

    Daphne Zuniga, Guatemalan-American actress

    Manny Marroquin, Grammy Award Winning Mixer/Engineer

    Jerry Hernandez, actor

    Oscar Isaac, Guatemalan-American actor

    Erica Porter, WWA wrestler

    Ted Hendricks, american football linebacker

    Miroslava, vocalist trainer living in Europe

    Henry Raudales, Guatemalan violinist

    Ricardo Del Carmen, Distinguished musician and conductor.

    Jaime Vinals, the only central american that has scaled the 7 highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest

    Carlos Leon Roldan, guatemalan ophtalmologist that invented a new treatment for blindness

    Edward Hirst), A Guatemalan that works for NASA.

    David Estrada, Guatemalan-Mexican boxer

    Gary Stark Jr., featherweight

    Sabrina, Guatemalan singer

    Lorena Mena, Guatemalan actress

    Luis Alfonso Zepeda, prisoner who ran a luxury prison

    Mario Mejia, Singer/Composer

    Anton Villatoro professional cyclist

    David Longo Drummer, singer , and young actor

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    Can anyone tell me a celebrity from Guatemala..?

    Name some celebrities or important people from Guatemala, plz :)

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    If they use some of their money to lower their carbon footprint by i.e. install solar panels, drive hybrid cars and to some extent also for sponsoring environmental friendly projects then I think they are setting a good example. If they just tell the rest of the world what to do without doing anything or very little them selves, then they are hypocrites. Some environmental friendly products are unfortunately very costly since they still aren't mass produced. The only persons who can, and should buy them are rich people, like celebrities. That way they can help to drive this development forward. I don't object people being rich at all, but after all, it's inevitable that people who consumes the most also have the largest footprints. This is their chance to do something about it.

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    Alex Castillo...LOTS OF STUFF

    Estuardo Alvizures from ZOOM

    Chris Farrah...Six feet under

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    Ricardo Arjona, songwriter and singer. Very good.

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    Ricardo Arjona

    The Girls from Con Buena Onda lol

    those are the only ones I can come up with and they suck!

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    olivia mun on G4TV.

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