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Why does the C.R.A.P. feel it is ok to attack unprovoked?

Why is America so afraid of a real country like China? Why are they afraid to attack N Korea?

Is America only tough when they send the military to fight , I mean invade, smaller pushover countries?

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    Bush and Cheney thought it would make them look tough.

    BUT, they're getting their butt kicked in little powerless Iraq regardless.

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    Well despise as I do the current strategy, the idea is to nibble away at clients and proxies and weaken the real targets before you 'deal' with strategic goal. This is what is going on right now, if we can control or strategically intimidate enough of the countries with serious oil reserves then strategically we can powerfully influence or control every countries economy and weaken them over time - this is the neo con goal and the targets are of course China and Russia.

    As for ANdy G's comment - thats the 'plausible rationale' by which every one can 'support' naked aggression masquerading as justifiable self defence. It may well have been Clintons true objective but this is not the same for the neo cons - they are directing a grand game of geo poilitical strategy aimed at hobbling both Russia and China - use energy as the weapon. Russia is a tough nut - China is easier.

    They in turn are trying to do exactly the same thing to us, sadly if we leave Iraq we are handing the Iran - China axis the game - as Iran will influence if not control Iraq's oil thru their Shia proxies in Iraq

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    The Internet offers reliable sources and answers to most questions. One must look and find those answers. This question is not that difficult. But here is the answer.

    "In the next century, the community of nations may see more and more the very kind of threat Iraq poses now -- a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction ready to use them or provide them to terrorists, drug traffickers or organized criminals who travel the world among us unnoticed.

    If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow by the knowledge that they can act with impunity, even in the face of a clear message from the United Nations Security Council and clear evidence of a weapons of mass destruction program."

    President Clinton

    Address to Joint Chiefs of Staff and Pentagon staff

    February 17, 1998

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    I believe I can safely say we're not afraid to attack anyone. It's like attacking a little girl building sandcastles on a beach. Other than use a portion of the sand that was there for the using to build her sandcastle, what did she do wrong? Countries like America who attempt to promote peace and harmony can't represent that if we go aroung "picking fights" with other countries.

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    China outnumbers us (and the enlisted) by about 10 to 1.

    We don't have enough resources to attack N. Korea or at the moment as Iraq is draining our resources, plus, we can't just go and attack without the "go ahead" of the UN.

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    Excellent Question, how long have you hated the United States!!

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    Half the taxes go to the military. they make a lot of money in this country off war. MONEY.thats why we go to war.Jews or the other reason.

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    i hope you're not living in america and asking stupid questions like that.

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    Yeah probably.

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    you sound trigger happy.

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