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Is it too early to do the 3 hour glucose screen at week 11 of pregnancy?

I had gestational diabetes that was deteced at week 24 of my previous pregnancy, therefore, my doc had me to the 3-hr glucose screen at week 11 of my current pregnancy. The results were normal (whew). Was it truly effective to do the test this early, especially when they didn't detect sugar in my urine? Also, will I have to do the test again later on?

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    Glucose screening for gestational diabetes at up to 18 weeks' gestation may be an effective alternative to testing during the third trimester in certain cases, said Dr. Gerard C. Nahum of Duke University, Durham, N.C., and his associates.

    The researchers gave 255 patients 50-g, 1-hour oral glucose screening tests between 14 and 18 weeks of pregnancy Fourteen women were diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus after that initial test and were excluded from the study The remaining patients had follow-up, 1-hour oral glucose screening tests between 24 and 32 weeks' gestation.

    Of the 38 women whose 16-week screening result was greater than 135 mg/dL, 21(55%) went on to develop gestational diabetes. And of the 155 patients whose results were lower than 110 mg/dL at 16 weeks, 99% (154) did not develop diabetes (J. Reprod. Med. 47[8]:656-62, 2002).

    The study results suggest that early testing may be an acceptable alternative to third-trimester screening when the early value is less than 110 mg/dL, they said

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    It is kind of too early, because your body needs to stress of full-on pregnancy to react to. Gestational diabetes is directly related to the strain of a full pregnancy. However, oftentimes women do not have GD for each pregnancy, and sometime the very test itself causes the symptoms of GD.

    Good luck, I hope later tests go well.

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    I am sure that you will be able to do it later on. If you are concerned you could go ahead and modify your diet now to prevent/ward off anything that could potentially happen.

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    by the way its a one hour test and they dont do it till youre 8 months

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