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Chromosome Question - urgent?

When we say "Chromosome" do we mean the "X" or is it a general term for all??

Also how do we get a double-stranded chromosome (aka. the "X")?

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    In my science book it says that chromosomes are just the "X" when the cell is not about to replicate then the genetic material is called chromatin and it is a loose jumble insided the nucleus. when the cell is ready to divide the chromatin coils itself up into strands these strands are called chromatid and a chromatid is basically one half of a chromosome. then the two chromatids also called " sister chromatids" connect by a centromere making the "X"

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    Chromosome is a general term-- the X chromosome is a chromosome that determines gender (along with MANY other things).

    The double-stranded chromosome (with the "x"-shape) is two chromatids (DNA that's all coiled up) connected at the centromere. These are formed during meiosis. For more information on meiosis, I suggest checking out the animation at

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    Well the chromosomes are #ed 1-23 (pairs) but the last pair the 23rd are sex chromosomes which are called X and Y which tell if we are a male or female to determine this XX is for female and XY for male so the DNA from the parents determines the gender

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    chromosome is more general than just "X". Your DNA is made of many chromosomes that carry many genes.

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